5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Use Palm Leaf Products and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint This Summer

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Use Palm Leaf Products and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint This Summer

People often think that living an eco-friendly lifestyle requires them to completely give up things, like disposable plates. In doing so, it’s only logical to think that you’d also have to give up all the fun events that require disposables, like summer BBQs. In reality, though, you simply need to find a sustainable alternative! Enter: palm plates, bowls, and utensils. So, how can you lower your carbon footprint this summer with these products? Read on to find out!

Easy Ways to Use Palm Plates and Other Products for an Eco-Friendly Summer

1. Host an Eco-Friendly BBQ

BBQs are a fun way to get outside and gather around the grill with your friends. Unfortunately, they also generate a lot of waste, from individual plates to serving bowls. You can avoid all of that waste by opting for palm leaf alternatives! A compartmentalized palm plate, like our Palm Leaf Thali, is perfect for a BBQ because it allows you to dish out food into individual slots on the plate. Don’t forget your reusable palm leaf serving bowls and square plates for dessert!

2. Invite Your Friends to a Sustainable Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a great opportunity to display your cooking skills and show your friends how much you love them. However, they also require a lot of clean-up. While it might be tempting to use disposable plastic options, you can have the same benefits with palm plates. Plus, palm plates complement your value of sustainability, since they’re biodegradable, compostable, and reusable. Stock up on palm plates, bowls, and serving platters, and you’re dinner party ready!

3. Throw an Ice Cream Social

Nothing says summer like an ice cream party. You can educate your friends and family on the importance of sustainability while serving ice cream from small palm leaf bowls and fun teardrop spoons. Beat the heat and tackle climate change with your sweet treat!

4. Have a Tapas Night

We all get into a recipe rut from time to time, where we get tired of the foods we used to enjoy cooking and eating. A great way to spice your menu up is to have a tapas night. Invite your family and friends over and ask each person to bring one dish to pass. Tapa refers to a small plate, appetizer, or snack, so everyone gets little party plates of each dish. Set out recipe cards so that you can easily swap recipes for each dish you like. To avoid mess and waste, use mini palm leaf plates!

5. Travel With Ease

If you’re traveling with a big family, especially if kids are involved, disposable dinnerware is a must. Regardless of if you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb, having the option to use dishes that don’t break and require no clean-up means you can spend more time doing activities and enjoying your new surroundings. Our eco-friendly palm leaf plates and bowls are disposable and free of plastic. Not only are they easy on the environment, but they’re also easy to throw in your luggage and bring wherever you’re traveling.

Who would’ve thought party plates could be so useful for promoting sustainability and protecting the environment? Canape King’s eco-friendly palm plates and bowls make it easy to reduce plastic while enjoying life’s events, however big or small.

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