Round 25cm Plates + Cutlery Set And Napkin Party Bundle (25 pieces)

Round 25cm Plates + Cutlery Set And Napkin Party Bundle (25 pieces)

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- Round 25cm/10" palm leaf plates (25 pieces)

- Wooden knife, fork and spoon set with small napkin (25 pieces)



“Natures gift, from fallen leaves of the Indian Areca nut tree.”

SUSTAINABILITY - Our wide range of plates, bowls, canapé dishes and serving platters not only add an all-natural touch to your table but are also completely biodegradable, compostable & watertight.

Our products are toxin-free and one of the most durable and eco-friendly disposable products currently available on the market.

They are ideal alternative to plastic for professional event catering where environmental considerations are a key part of the packaging decision making process.

STRONG & DURABLE - Although they are from 100% natural leaves, our plates are very sturdy and suitable for hot, wet and oily foods

Our plates are also microwave friendly, can be used for baking in a traditional oven or for storing food in the fridge.

UNIQUE & BEAUTIFUL - Each palm leaf plate has a unique colour and texture depending upon the leaves they are produced from. The palm leaf plate features a rimless design to reflect a true natural style.